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                             Our company professional in manufacturing powertools and motors, main products include Angle grinder, Electric drill, engineering drill, impact drill, rotary hammer, vacuum cleaner,blower , circular saw, marble cutter, planer, jig sawing, die grinder, trimmer, sander, router, polisher, cutter off machine ??miter saw, more than 40 kinds of machines. Our quality base on ISO9000 quality standard.we got??CCC?? certificate.With  reliable quality, and strict testing, our products are  well sale in domestic market,also some products exported to more than ten countries,such as USA,Europe and Asian countries.
                             Our company has abundant technical force.we use advanced technical and production process, with advanced testing method to keep high quality and safety production. We stand by the principle of"quality first, users first",wwe have high quality ,reasonable price, good reputation and provide satisfactory service to you. We sincerely invite customers all over the world to visite our factory,and hope can  cooperate in the near future.we hope we can create a better future together!

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